ARAIYA Wellness operates a state of art GMP compliant manufacturing facility, using cutting edge technological equipment to produce the latest in skin, body and specialty hair care products and Ayurvedic medicines. Our climate-controlled factory provides the highest quality manufacturing services available, complete with bulk manufacturing, filling, decorating, packing and shipping, and storage functionality. Our in house laboratory allows us to create innovative formulations, as well as observe the highest quality control and product testing standards.


Our facility utilizes cutting edge manufacturing equipment to capitalize on the production of high quality products using both high and low volume runs. Our formulas are mixed in our modern stainless steel mixers capable of both hot and cold mixing processes, and accommodating a vast array of formulations, viscosities and particle sizes. Mixed formulas are then processed on either our jar & bottle lines, or our tube lines. Products on our jar & bottle lines are filled and capped, while those on the tube lines are filled and sealed using heated and ultra-sonic sealing equipments. All products merge for the labeling process using our extensive assortment of labelers. Once labeled, they are coded using advanced inkjet and laser coders. Finally, we use heated sealing equipment to safety seal and shrink wrap the products, which are then delivered to packaging. Our on-site laboratory allows us to create innovative formulations, as well as observe the highest quality control and product testing standards.


To ensure that we achieve and uphold the highest quality standards, our quality control process involves methodical and continuous testing during the formulation and development stage. While in production, manufacturing practices are routinely monitored by our onsite quality control manager and factory management. Products are inspected at multiple intervals on the production line to ensure that everything that leaves the factory is of the highest standard and error-free. All factory workers are required to wear sanitary clothing and observe our strict hygiene policy. We conduct daily equipment inspections and thorough cleaning procedures.


Receiving process uses an organized inspection procedure for all inbound items. Whether it is raw material, samples or packaging material, everything is processed and organized through our receiving system. This ensures that we register and manage all items delivered to us. We have a dedicated receiving area under which all freight is sorted and categorized, to ensure easy distribution and stringent receiving protocols, preventing damage and loss.


If necessary, we offer warehousing services for active clients, with both standard and climate controlled storage options available. Our warehouse accommodates various items, such as packaging, raw materials and labels. Any item stored with us is registered through our inventory system, allowing us to take care of tracking and maintenance.


We aim to have all products delivered as quickly as possible. Whatever your shipping entails, we’ll meet your particular needs. . You can use our carrier partners or can also work through freight forwarders. All shipping is inspected by our shipping managers and undergoes a final quality check to ensure that packages are adequately prepared, secured, and ready for departure. After shipping a separate dedicated team makes sure that the stock is safely delivered on time.

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